2016 Election Made Possible By the Church 

So, I have a question about the Church’s involvement in women’s issues and about many of the contentious issues throughout the centuries.

I see all of these current issues about racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, etc. as having their origins in the church or at the very least being propagated by it. I see it as trickle down economics. This nation is deeply religious and as congregants go to their houses of worship they are fed things that either give life or bring death.

These life and death situations can be spiritual, emotional, psychological, or physical and often are intertwined. When religious leaders tell their congregations how to think and feel about each other they will go out and impart that same thinking onto the societies in which they reside. This will either bring about death and destruction or life and edification depending on the message disseminated by the clergyman.

History has proven this trend quite well. This was especially true during the Civil War when the Abolitionists called for freedom of the slaves based on the Spirit of Scripture while the South relied on the Letter of Scripture which advocated for slavery. Both claimed that God was on their side and that going against His will was sin. Eventually, the Spirit won out and not the Letter.

For centuries, racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophibia, misogyny, anti-Semitism, segregation, etc. were taught in our churches. In some churches they are still being taught. None of these things brought life and life more abundant, but were used to kill, steal, and destroy people who the church wanted subjugated. We act as if this is new, but if you tell someone that this is the truth long enough and that they will go to hell if they don’t believe it then it will be tough to go back later and tell them that you were wrong. No matter how hard you try and persuade them of the life bearing fruit that you have tasted the poison you fed them on for so long may not be able to be cured.

It’s like drugs such as heroin or crack. The church got them addicted and now it’s saying recover. No. The church must fix the mess that it has made over the centuries and start imparting life bearing fruit to the people. It hasn’t been a hospital like it should have been. It’s been a spring which shoots forth both fresh as well as salt water.

You got them hooked on this drug and now you have to help them recover.
My question is then, why has the church continued to hold on to the Letter which has brought about so much pain and suffering and marginalized so many for the benefit of the powerful? Christ’s death overturned the dominant and violent worldview and instead put self-sacrifice and mercy on top. Can the Spirit rule the Church if the Letter is clung to with such violence?

Love doesn’t subjugate others, but makes us one family as equals.
I guess my real question is: How can the Church not see the great damage that has been done by clinging to Biblical literalism and inerrancy?
God created diversity. Diversity is seen as a threat to uniformity and cohesiveness. Why? Uniformity is simpler to deal with. People don’t know how to handle complexity.
You got them hooked on this drug and now you have to help them recover.